Pint glass with Vintage Cedarburg design  screen printed in black
Pint glass with vintage Cedarburg design in black
Vintage Cedarburg Design Printed Pint Glass

Vintage Cedarburg Design Printed Pint Glass

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The most useful glass in your collection - the pint glass!  We put our popular vintage Cedarburg design on a 16 oz pint glass so that you can amp up your cupboard and celebrate this amazing city all at the same time.  These glasses are great for beer, soda, juice, milk or water.  The whole family will enjoy these glasses, so make sure you get a set to reduce the battle over these sturdy glasses.  They are dishwasher safe with UV inks that are cured via exposure to intense UV lamps.  This gives a more durable print, but are more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent inks which dry via chemical evaporation in the air.  These inks will typically last for hundreds of cycles through a home dishwasher.

I will deliver this product for free if you’re local to the Cedarburg area. If you aren’t local, just proceed with a transaction and I will ship it!

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