About Our Candles

Thanks for showing an interest in our hand crafted candles.  They are totally unique and we're really proud of that.  Keep reading to learn more!

One thing that makes our soy candles so unique is that the vessel is made by hand by a master potter in the gorgeous hills of southeastern Wisconsin.  Each vessel is thrown on a wheel, slowly dried, fired in an electric kiln for the first firing, glazed by hand and then gets its final firing in a hand built outdoor gas fired kiln.

First, here is the potter that creates the gorgeous vessels...

Lee Curtes

These are my awesome parents who support me endlessly!


Now let's watch a bit of the process.  This is the vessel right after it's been thrown on a wheel. 

 It has to dry for a bit and then the bottoms are trimmed.

After an electric kiln bisque firing, the vessels are glazed by hand.

This is the last firing.  It takes place in a hand built outdoor gas fired kiln.  It's a pretty exciting thing to open that kiln and see how everything turned out.

After all of this, it's time to pour the candles!  We use 100% soy wax and the highest quality fragrance oils, which are phthalate free.  
After the candles are cooled, we finish them off perfectly.  
While I think the completely unique result is so stunning, there is another thing that I love so much about them.  They are totally reusable and I really hope you do!  Here is how I use mine...
There are so many ways you can re-use them - good for the environment and good for you! I appreciate you taking the time to read all this and learn more about our special candles.  They make a great gift and are even getting an upgrade for the 2022 holiday season!