Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, as my kids like to say.  I’d like to think I’m hardy and used to the cold and for the most part I am. I only tend to get completely sick of winter towards March.  Usually at this point there is no snow, the grass is brown, the trees are still bare and the cold is just holding on. There is nothing you can do outside at this point.  You can’t hike because it’s too muddy. You can’t sled or ski because the snow is nearly or completely gone. You can’t bike ride because it’s too cold. So what is a person to do, short of heading south to warmer weather?  I’m going to do a little winter blog designed to spark an idea in your head - I hope you can get some inspiration.

Explore your Surroundings...

Take a weekend trip with the whole family - I suggest wandering north to the Wausau area where there might be some great snow left.  You could ski at a place like Granite Peak and catch one of their great family deals they advertise on their site all the time, especially in late winter or spring. Exploring Wausau is a fun way to spend a day if everyone doesn’t want to ski.  Great restaurants await, such as Red Eye Brewing Company and Wausau Mine Company.  Or you could try Downtown Grocery, an organic grocery store with a hot bar that is as healthy as it is delicious.  Shopping is robust with shops like The Local and Evolutions in Design.  You’ll find unique items at both, which is the point of shopping in boutiques, isn’t it?

If being outside isn’t what you’re craving, head out to a waterpark for the weekend, although I’d imagine there are great week day deals if your schedule allows.  There are many around the area, including Blue Harbor in Sheboygan or the many options in Wisconsin Dells.  You could try someplace new and less crowded by checking out our favorite, Grand Lodge which is just a few minutes outside of Wausau.

Or if you like to Wander Locally…

Go downtown to Red Arrow Park and skate just like an Olympian.  You can rent skates there and get a Starbucks when you need to warm up.  Or you could attend one of the many winter festivals in the area. Lake Geneva’s starts January 29th.  Cedarburg has their Winter Festival February 15-16, and they have tons of fun things to do with the whole family.

If you just need to get out and stretch your legs, try one of the candlelight hikes in the area.  I’ve always wanted to try one of these and I really hope this year I’ll finally make it happen. I think that would be a really special way to celebrate this season of snow and cold, instead of just tolerating it.  

Isn’t that what this is really about?  We live in a cold climate and just complaining about it doesn’t seem to shorten it one darn day.  I hope that you get a chance to get out soon and celebrate the winter.  


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