Tips for Stress Relief

Tips for Stress Relief

Happy July!  Summer is supposed to be this super carefree time.  You're planning to have tons of fun with your kids and go on all these fun adventures.  Somehow it's never that easy as stress and anxiety creep in at the darnedest times.  

In my life, I've had a really busy June.  It was good stuff, fun stuff, challenging stuff, and icky stuff too.  All those things can cause some stress.  What I've been doing personally is two fold - working on mindfulness and grounding myself.  On my morning walks, I've been paying closer attention to the birds singing, the rustling leaves of the trees, the colorful flowers blooming.  I feel so grateful for all these things and the ability I have to enjoy them.  It sets my mind on the right track for starting the day.  

To ground myself, I've been doing more breath work, which is especially helpful when doing it outside.  Planting your feet solidly in the grass is an excellent way to feel more connected to this beautiful Earth.  Slowing down your breath and filling/emptying your lungs fully is so good for your nervous system.  It lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.  It stops that acute stress response.  It increases your energy levels and boosts your immune system.  Taking just a few minutes every day can bring all these benefits to you.  It may seem simple, since we breathe all day every day.  But doing it in a mindful way will bring health benefits and set you up for a fantastic day, no matter what comes your way!

I'm hoping you can incorporate these practices in your life to allow you to fully enjoy all the fun things that summer can bring!

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