Welcome to Cedarburg Threads!

 This is the first blog post for my new business, Cedarburg Threads! I’ve decided that I will be providing fun and interesting content that might just make your life a little bit better in my blog. I’m open to suggestions for blog topics!

I've worked in retail in Cedarburg and many other places over the years and I learned that people really love this city. That’s not shocking information to me, because I fell in love with it 19 years ago. It’s just the right size, so that you run into people you know everywhere (usually when I rolled out of bed and had to run a quick errand).  For me, that's why I choose to live in a small town.  I love the connections I have made throughout the years.

I’m always amazed at the distance that people come in order to visit the city- for girls weekends, festivals, weddings, family visits, or just for fun. What I have found in talking to folks is that they tend to come back every year. They love the historic nature of the downtown, the warm and welcoming people, and the natural beauty. So many of those people asked me where they could find a cute shirt with the word Cedarburg printed on it. Sounds like a simple request, but there really isn’t anywhere in town to get something like that. It got me to thinking. Why not provide all of these tourists and residents with a local source for high-quality and trendy apparel and accessories that celebrate this awesome city? 

So I started learning all about creating a business - attending classes, seminars, webinars, tons of reading, and lots of networking.  I’ve been meticulous about how I have started this business because I want to do it right.  I’m really proud of what I’ve created and I hope that you can find something that you love on my website to help you celebrate this city. Please drop me a line if there something that you’d like to see in my next collection. Thanks to all my friends, family and new business contacts for all your support and knowledge that you've freely given.  It means the world to me! 

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next blog.


P.S. I’d love to hear what you love best about Cedarburg! Comment below....

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