The Festivals of Cedarburg

The Festivals of Cedarburg
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The Festivals of Cedarburg


I’m willing to bet that you’ve attended at least one festival in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Cedarburg or even Wisconsin before, let me be the first to invite you.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve attended at least one festival in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Cedarburg or even Wisconsin before, let me be the first to invite you.  

 Cedarburg is this adorable little city of about 13,000 full time residents, but during these festivals, we have many tens of thousands more that flood into this southeastern Wisconsin destination.  If you ask people why they come here, many from huge distances, they will talk about the cuteness of the town. You see, we are a historic town, dating back to our founding in 1842. Cedarburg was founded by a group of hard working German folks who were attracted to this location by the water source that runs through town.  According to my research, Cedar Creek is a 32.7 mile long stream that begins in Big Cedar Lake and meanders all over the countryside until it runs through Cedarburg and eventually dumping into the Milwaukee River in the neighboring town of Grafton. When those early settlers came through this area and saw that river, they immediately knew it was a valuable piece of land and built grist mills and woolen mills on the waterway, using its power for their machinery.  Frederick Hilgen, Dietrich Wittenberg and Joseph Trottmen were some of those early visionaries who invested in the stone buildings that we can still enjoy today. But I digress - another blog post in the future I think. What remains to this day is a city filled with amazing history and lots of cool old buildings and that’s one of the reasons that people love to come here.  

Why else do people come to Cedarburg?  The festivals attract a huge variety of vendors from all over the country,  not to mention all of our amazing year round stores. You’ll find handmade leather bags, high end paintings, more affordable beaded jewelry, clothing and everything in between.  The entire main street of the downtown is closed down so that the vendors and the shoppers have plenty of room to browse, buy and eat their way through the two day festivals. Speaking of eating, there is a wide variety of food vendors, in addition to all the amazing restaurants we already have in town.  There are beer gardens to visit, music to enjoy, entertainment in the street, and activities for the kids if the shopping and eating wasn’t enough for you.

 This family friendly town offers tons of activities for all ages at the festivals.  You’ll find henna tattoos, face painting, crafts, bands, clowns, jugglers, races, inflatables, and so much more to entertain the kids.  

 You might be wondering when this amazing festival takes place?  I’ve got great news, there are many different festivals that we host here for you to choose from.  Each one is unique and has its own flavor.  

 2020 Festival Schedule

Winter Festival - February 15-16

Strawberry Festival - June 27-28

Wine & Harvest Festival - September 19-20

Oktoberfest - October 3-4

A Cedarburg Christmas - every Friday from after Thanksgiving until Christmas

I would be remiss in mentioning the festivals without discussing the people behind them.  There is a VERY small group of folks that plan and execute these huge events and they do it with huge hearts filled with love for this city.  They have access to a large group of volunteers from all over the community who help to run the event smoothly. Meticulous planning, long hours and pure grit come together to offer a great time in this city of Cedarburg.  I also don’t want to miss the chance to mention that this group is a non-profit and they have given away over $200,000 in grants to various programs in our community. These people love Cedarburg and are committed to keeping this community vibrant and at the top of people’s minds when they are planning a trip.  They deserve a thank you if you see any of them in their brightly colored t-shirts at a festival! 

I love the festivals and hope to see you there.  Oh, did I mention that I am partnering with them this year to do all the festival merchandising?  I’m really excited about this opportunity and the faith that the Festival Committee has put in me.  I’ll be at the tent on the corner of Columbia and Washington Avenue at Strawberry Fest and Wine and Harvest Fest selling my little heart out so that you have the chance to buy cool t-shirts, glasses, hats, stickers or tons of other items.  You can support the Festivals committee and this city of Cedarburg - show them just how much love we have. See you there.




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