Storytime - Part 2: I, me, my, and mine

Hello there!  Raise your hand if you feel slightly uncomfortable only meeting someone on social media?  I’m in that boat.  I’m old enough to feel like you build a relationship with someone by spending time with them.  If you’re new to my brand, you’ll know that my store is online only.  So unless you live in my small town, you won’t know me.  I’m hoping to do this series of posts to give you a better idea of who I really am - because I am my brand.   Funny story - my family thinks I’m nuts because I say things like “My friend Laura on Instagram says that this plant would do really well in our climate.” and things like that.  I feel like I know her because I spend so much time watching her videos. I have "met" some really amazing people through Instagram and we chat regularly in DMs.  They are really good at letting you get a real look into their life and personality.  I’m not too good at that, since I'm pretty private in real life. Even with my good friends, they sometimes have to pull things out of me.  I suppose a counselor could have a field day with me.  Anyhoo…I also don’t show up in many pictures, mostly because I hate every one that I see of myself. I also feel like the clothes look better on someone else and I’m obviously trying to make the clothes look their best.  So this is my effort to show you a bit behind the Cedarburg Threads brand!

So let’s get to know me.  I am Rachel, the owner and dreamer behind Cedarburg Threads.  I have a supportive husband, Luis, who listens to me endlessly talk about this business.  He occasionally gives me a great idea and then feels like his work is done for the rest of the year.  Nope!  Mostly, I value his listening and helping me think through all the different choices I have. I also have three teenagers that live in my house.  They are the busy type of kids, with all sorts of sports, activities and friends to fill their lives, so I’m very often an uber driver all over the area.  One person that you already “know” is my model for Cedarburg Threads, who happens to be my darling daughter.  I don’t tell many people that she’s my daughter, mostly because of that private nature of mine.  But I’m really proud and thankful for her.  The two boys aren’t much into modeling, but maybe I can talk them into it one of these days. 

My interests are doing housework, cooking, endless grocery shopping, laundry, driving kids around and running this business. I  don’t do much besides those things, especially lately. I do love gardening and all plants, but my time is limited these days and I apologize to my neighbors for my weedy flower beds. I love being outside and hate sitting inside the air conditioning during our gorgeous summer months here in Wisconsin.  I take my cute golden doodle, Chico, for a daily walk around the neighborhood. It always lifts my spirits when I simply go outside. 

Going up north is something I absolutely love to do. My parents have a house on a lake up north and I’m so thankful that we have a safe place to go during this time of limited travel.  We don’t see anyone and bring all our food so we don’t have to go out to shop.  Being on the water in a canoe, kayak, paddle board or swimming is such an amazing feeling.  It’s pure freedom and joy for me. So whenever you see up north pictures from me online, you know that is where I am!

If you’re wondering where I grew up - it was in the town of Hartford.  I was a country girl growing up, running around the fields all day with chickens, sheep, turkeys and dogs.  I went to HUHS, home of the Fighting Orioles.  Anyone with me there??  I had a great childhood and grew up appreciating the outdoors.  We spent those long, perfect summer days on Cedar Lake with all my aunts, uncles and cousins.  They all lived close by so it was always filled with activity, great food and laughter.  I went to UW Madison for college back when it was pretty easy to get in.  I had the requisite great time in college and even got a degree in Psychology after four years.  I lived in Minneapolis for a year and worked for my family’s business doing Human Resources and Marketing.  Later, I decided to go back to school and get my Masters degree in Education.  I decided on DePaul University in Chicago.  It was a fun life experience living in Chicago, but definitely not for me.  It was a very busy place and the traffic was nuts all the time. So, back to my beloved WI!  I moved to this little town of Cedarburg that I had actually never been to before, despite growing up 30 minutes west of it.  And so began my love affair with this little city of 11,000 or so people.

I also have to give credit to my big group of friends who offer such great support to me. They tell me if something is screwed up on the website.  They help me choose through endless font choices for designs.  They share and comment on my posts all the time. They buy my stuff for themselves and as gifts.  I’m so, so blessed to have these great friends that feel so much like family.  One of our favorite activities in this group is touring local supper clubs.  We all caravan (pre-COVID obviously) and travel some pretty far distances to find all the amazing ones...the ones with the relish trays and great Old Fashioneds.  So you will see in my designs references to Supper Clubs and to the natural beauty of this state, in addition to my love of Cedarburg.  It all comes from me and my heart which is filled with this great state I live in.

I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention another huge part of my life - the rest of my amazing family.  I want to dedicate a whole blog post to that, because it's a story that deserves all that space.  Suffice it say, they are a huge support and a big part of why I'm able to do what I do. 

I'll end this here and thank you, Dear Reader, for following along on my journey and being a part of it.  This business is more than just a way to buy and sell things to people.  It's about connections - or threads if you will.  (That is actually where the name came from.)  I love this city and all of the threads that connect us, whether you live here or not.  Connections are so vital these days and I'm grateful for all of mine.  


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