Story Time: Birth Story for Cedarburg Threads

Story Time:  Birth Story for Cedarburg Threads

I'd like to preface this blog post with the following statement about me:  I am very uncomfortable talking about myself.  I am a private person by nature and pretty self conscious.  So you will rarely see me talk about myself or show myself in a photo. (I will hide in a group, behind my dog or cover my face in some way - so awkward)  However, I know that if you want to gain a potential customer's trust, they need to know who you are as the owner of a business.  So this is my attempt at trying to open up and share a bit of myself with you.  I want you to know how much this business means to me and how much of myself I put into it.  This story time series is the best way I know how. So Dear Reader - I present...


The Birth Story - Cedarburg Threads

I'm a mom and when moms start chatting, they often talk about the stories of the birth of their children.  While I'm not going there today, I think it's an interesting story to talk about the birth of my business - Cedarburg Threads.  

I have a very diverse work background - Human Resources, teacher, retail sales at a bakery, sales support at an insurance agency, and most recently a manager at a retail clothing store.  Some may say that I have been looking for my passion and I think that may be true.  Some may say I have not been truly suited for each job I've tried and that may be true as well.   What I do know for certain is that I learned something about owning a business from each and every one of these positions.  

I know that my desire to open my own business started quite awhile ago.  I love to bake and if you follow me on social media (shameless plug to follow Cedarburg Threads on Instagram and Facebook!) you will see my latest baked good. My sister still insists that I should open my own bakery - Sweet Rae Rae's.  However, the hours of a baker didn't really appeal to me, especially with busy kids.  I really considered opening my own retail store years later, but the timing never seemed quite right.  I realized that in my retail job experience, the hours that I had to work as a manager were nothing compared to the hours that I would have to spend in my own shop. Those long hours weren't congruent with being the mom I wanted to be.  So while I waited, I planned.  I took classes, wrote a business plan and dreamed.  

When the idea started developing in my head about opening an online store, it was based on research and my own experience.  It's just a fact that more and more people prefer to shop online for a variety of reasons (looking at you, Amazon).  Many big retailers are going out of business these days, which is alarming, considering the budgets they have for marketing.  Opening an online shop seemed to go along with these trends towards online shopping.  

So how did I settle on opening a Cedarburg themed online store?  That was an easy decision, given that I've lived in this little city for 20 years and adore it. I'm the biggest cheerleader for Cedarburg and feel so lucky to raise my kids here.  Many of you probably know me from school or sports, or just have seen me around town.  In my retail job, I often noticed that tourists would ask me where they could get a Cedarburg t-shirt. There really wasn't anywhere they could get one.  So I assumed that residents were like me and would happily buy and wear a Cedarburg tee, along with those tourists that were hungry for one too.  And so the idea for Cedarburg Threads was born!  

I'll keep this short and sweet and hungry for more...Stay tuned for the next blog in the Story Time Series!


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