How are you...Really?

How are you...Really?

We ask friends and even strangers how they are.  We accept their response at face value.  But if you weren't ok, would you tell a stranger that?  I know I wouldn't.  I usually don't even tell my close friends if I'm not fine.  Somehow, we've gotten into the habit of taking that burden of our mental health all by ourselves.  We can definitely all try to reach out more when we need support and talk to friends or family we trust.  We can definitely seek out professional help when it's needed.  But is there anything we can do on our own to help us feel better in times of stress or sadness?

I say...absolutely.  I've been talking a lot about mental health, especially this year.  I've done a lot of thinking in the past months about happiness and joy and made a commitment to finding more of it.  I'm working on finding that elusive work/life balance and I have a pretty new planner that is really helping me so far.  I'm focusing on getting outside more and just taking time for big deep breaths when I'm out for a hike or even just to get the mail.  I'm not turning down social invitations and I'm seeking them out more.  I'm simply taking more time for myself to do things that I know are healthy for me.  

Basically, I'm taking care of myself in a more thoughtful and intentional way.  What I choose to do may not be the same thing as you choose to do for yourself and that is A-OK.  It's just important to make those strides towards finding ways to be good to yourself.  I would contend that getting outside and being in a quiet spot in nature is a fantastic way for anyone to feel more grounded and calm.  

So what does any of this have to do with my business?  Not a whole lot. I could try to sell you some cozy clothes for your reading time or I could encourage you to buy a candle with a gorgeous scent to calm your nerves.  However, there is something that is way more important to me than selling you's your well being.  I care about people.  I may not even know you, but I care about you.  I hope that you are better off having read this blog post and it was worth your time. I appreciate you and wish you the absolute best.  Now go log off and get outside! :) Rachel


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