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Cedarburg recently completed a branding initiative and did extensive research on our little city.  They came up with the slogan, "Cedarburg, Fall in Love".  So it got me thinking-what do I love about Cedarburg?  Is it the same as other people in this community?  In my friend group, there are people who have chosen to build their lives here that could easily lived somewhere else, there are people who have left for job transfers and come back because they love this community.  There is a general consensus that Cedarburg has something pretty special.  So I asked a few folks in town what they love about Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Here's what they said:

In answer to your question is it possible to say EVERYTHING!
The historic downtown main street with all of its shops, coffee houses, restaurants, the walking paths, creek and historic buildings are what make Cedarburg so unique and special. Then top it all off with the wonderful people who live, visit and support our community because without them Cedarburg would fade away like so many other historic downtown's have. --Natasha Loos, Owner of The Cedarburg Toy Company
There is so much to love about Cedarburg, it's hard to choose just one thing! But as chamber director, one of my favorite things is watching how supportive we are of each other here in Cedarburg. Cedarburg is very civic-minded and knowing that so many of our residents and businesses care about their neighbors is such a special part about our Cedarburg community. --Maggie Dobson, Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director
What I love most about Cedarburg? "The people". We have great peeps! Without our wonderful people Cedarburg would be like any other small town in the Midwest.  Cedarburg is exceptional because of the people.  Simple:) --Todd Bugnacki, Superintendent, Cedarburg School District 
My favorite thing about Cedarburg is the weeks in June when the Plein Air artists are out on Washington Ave. painting our beautiful buildings on canvas! -- Mary Sheffield, Economic Director for the City of Cedarburg
As the high school principal, I love and appreciate the value that Cedarburg still places on education.  I truly believe that plays a part in the beautiful, safe, creative, and endearing city that is Cedarburg. -- Adam Kurth, Principal, Cedarburg High School
There are so many things to fall in love with in Cedarburg:  our schools, our neighborhoods, our walkable and historic downtown. But what is most impressive about Cedarburg is the level of involvement of its citizens in the community. Think of all the organizations that rely on volunteers...school groups, athletics, churches, business/government, our fire department, and dozens of other community service groups.  The number of organizations which rely on volunteers is certainly in the hundreds.  And none of these community building groups would exist without the help of our Cedarburg residents who commit time and money to these wonderful organizations. So lets toast all of those people who are infatuated with Cedarburg and show their affection for our City by being involved in groups that help others! --Jack Arnett, Alderman, City of Cedarburg
So there you go!  These are just a few of the thoughts I gathered around Cedarburg.  There are so many things to love about the community and I'd wager that I could ask others and find totally different opinions.  I'm grateful to live in this community and that's a big part of the reason why I created this brand.  Cedarburg is worth celebrating and I'm really proud to be a small part of that.

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