Earth Connection

You hear all the time that we need to do more for our environment and I do agree.  I think that if everyone just did a little more to reduce their negative impact on our environment, it would help!.  The hard part is, some of the changes are really difficult to make. For instance, I try to reduce the amount of packaging in my home, but some of the things I buy have bulky packaging.  I did consider it a success when I saw that Target has pump refill bags for their Method foaming hand wash products. Now I don’t have to throw out the pumps when they are empty! I only use reusable bags at the grocery store and have gotten a few exasperated eye roll from the baggers as they sort through my collection of dozens of bags to find one that will stand up properly for them to fill.  I know there are people reading this do far more than these small examples, but I do try to be more Earth friendly in my home and in my business every single day. Let me tell you what I do in my business.

I have done extensive research to find a clothing manufacturer that I could focus on.  There are many brands that make t-shirts and hoodies that I could carry, with varying levels of quality. I decided early on in my planning that I would only carry brands that I really believe in.  I have had many bad experiences with low quality clothing, mostly because I hate spending a ton of money on a plain t-shirt. I wanted to put great designs on a quality shirt that will last. I could definitely sell a lower quality t-shirt and sell them at a cheaper price, but I wanted you to be able to trust my brand.  You can know that the products you buy are going to last, which is better for our environment.

The manufacturer I use is well respected in the industry for their great shirt design, but also for their commitment to the environment.  They manufacture in California, which has the most stringent EPA regulations. They invest in the most efficient machines that are available, which allows them to use seven times less water than the average clothing manufacturer.  They save approximately 24 million gallons of water each week on average. They even recycle the water and use again in the dying process. The dye waste is also burned at a high temperature in a self-contained environment, which means no smoke stacks or pollution to be dumped into the air. This company uses solar power for many of their machines, building a solar farm to generate enough energy. They also produce virtually no waste, recycling everything.  Each of their buildings only has one garbage can! I’m proud to carry a line of products from a company like that.  

I use a local printer for some of my products so there is less shipping involved for my products.  For the other products I carry, they are drop-shipped right from the printer to your home, which again reduces the amount of travel for that item.  I choose recycled bags for my products that I use at events and for my personal deliveries. I hope all of these things make you feel a little bit better about the items you buy from me, knowing that I always try to make an environmentally sound choice. 

As you probably have noticed from many of my posts, I have a very big connection with nature, which began when I was a little girl.  I feel like when I spend time outside, I am more connected to myself. Living in Cedarburg, Wisconsin is awesome for people who want to be outside more.  All of our festivals are outdoors where people can soak up the natural beauty that surrounds them. There are many parks and trails around us that people utilize, especially when the weather is good.  Our gorgeous creek, which just got a major clean up from environmentally irresponsible practices in the past, is a centerpiece for our little city. We live in a time where clean up events and eco consciousness is growing steadily in all walks of life.  I’m proud to be a part of that movement and encourage you to do the same in your corner of the world.


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