Storytime - Part 3...Family

Storytime - Part 3...Family

Hello all!  It's the first day of Fall and it's a great season in Wisconsin.  The trees coloring up and the crisp air is fabulous.  Today I'm going to chat about my family, which I promised in a past blog post. 

I grew up in Hartford, Wisconsin - but not in the actual city.  We were country folk.  I lived in the country and sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it.  As a kid, it was awesome.  I grew up with my two older sisters (Hi Sara and Lea!) and next door to my cousins who were more like family  (Hi Ben and Megan!).  We played outside all day, being creative and getting dirty.  We built houses in the trees and made dishes out of pieces of wood.  When the weather turned cold we went sledding down the perilously steep driveway piled up like timber on the toboggan and ending up in a snowdrift nearly every time.  Good times. 

My parents were the kind that were always there for you.  My mom stayed home and drove us everywhere.  She made awesome dinners and baked delicious things. My dad was a hardworking business man who worked a full week in the office.  We got to go in sometimes on the weekend with him.  We linked all his paperclips together to prank him and drove around the warehouse on bikes.  When he was done with work, I have great memories of him taking us to the Menomonee River and looking for crayfish as we walked the creek.  There was one spot that was so deep, we'd go all the way under.  It was fantastic.  

After my dad's retirement, he began a hobby that he put aside years ago to work that 9-5 job and provide for his family - pottery.  He started exploring his creative side that he hadn't accessed in many years.  He got really good at it so he began selling his pottery after he had given all he could to family and his shelves were still piled high with beautiful and functional pottery.  He created a pottery studio and started having an annual pottery show.  It was very popular!  

When I started this business, I asked my parents to be my Board of Directors.  Of course that is tongue in cheek, but I do value their opinions and my relationship with them more than anything.  They are so loving and supportive and they truly enjoy helping me.  

As a potter, my dad was excited about making something beautiful for my store.  As a dad, he just wanted to support me in another way.  So he is the artist that creates all my handmade mugs, plates, and coasters.  Each piece is made with love and great skill.  

One day my sister and parents were chatting about what else we could create for the store.  We realized that we could create some pretty cool earrings with the tools and supplies that my dad already has.  Since my sister's career doesn't allow for much creativity, she has been really excited to get involved.  We've had fun working together to create beautiful things.  I'm so excited to finally be able to share them with all of you!

So this blog post got a bit long and I'm sorry. I really tried to edit it, but I thought it was really important for you to know.  All of this stuff in my growing up years contributed to the person I am today.  And this person created a business that she is really proud of.  

Do me a favor?  Have a great day.  



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